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Cranes for Japan

Here is our next project! We are folding paper cranes for Japan. The Bezos Family Foundation is donating $200,000 to Architecture for Humanity. We want to help the school children of Japan. This money will help rebuild the schools that were damaged in the March 11th earthquake and tsunami. Each crane we fold brings $2!

You can watch the YouTube video on this site and practice making the paper cranes. We will use colored origami paper.

On Friday we had over 80 made. On Tuesday we had over 150. On March 30th, we had 225! On March 31st, we lost count! We were so busy folding we didn't have time to count.

As of 10:20 AM on April 1st, we have folded 305 cranes!

Ad of 12:30 PM on April 1st, we have folded 360 cranes!